Ideas Fragrances: Our Top Picks from the Newly Launched Perfume Collection

The new Ideas Fragrances line is perfect for everyone with its wide variety ranging from perfumes to deodorants and mists with affordable options.

The new Ideas Fragrances line is perfect for everyone with its wide variety ranging from perfumes to deodorants and mists with affordable options.

Looking for some affordable yet high-end smelling scents? Ideas, a brand loved by all for its amazing clothing, homeware and accessories, has now dived into the world of fragrances and we are already loving it.

Ideas launched a wide variety of perfumes, deodorants, and mist for men and women. With that, they have also launched a few catering to children with packaging inspired by one of the most trending children’s songs baby shark.

The new collection has scents ranging from fresh, clean, floral, and fruity to musky and earthy. They have something for everyone, so if you want scents similar to what you prefer or want to try something new, the new range of Ideas fragrances is the place to go and the best part is it is available online and in stores.

Here are some of our top picks for women from the collection:

1. Spring Times

This scent blooms like a flower in the light of the sun, evoking the daintiness of the first day of springtime. The top accords of Spring Times include a pleasant rush of pink pepper and red berries. Spring Time's core is airy and light, with notes of peony, lily, and lilac paying homage to everything feminine. The base blends the warmth of patchouli and musk with sandalwood and cedar.

2. Marina 

Orange flower and the feminine, sensuous, burning notes of lavender combine to create a scent. This one-of-a-kind collision produces an eternally pulsating scent. The heart of the Marina scent is made from Jasmine and Orange blossom while the base is Vanilla, Cedar, Ambergris, and Musk.

3. Velvet 

A rich scent with a welcoming seductive vibe. This seductive scent mixes blueberry, pomegranate, and blackcurrant with magnolia and frangipani accords. Patchouli and Amber are added in the base note of the Velvet scent to help lessen the intensity of the smell of Musk. The heart of Majestic Velvet scent is Magnolia, Frangipani, Aquatic, and Cyclamen.

4. Stardom

With the Stardom scent, you can steal the show. Its tones offer a subtle and exquisite combination of floral notes that will rejuvenate you. The main ingredients of Sicilian Mandarin combine with heart accords of pink peony and damask rose to create an exquisite velvety aroma. The rich tones of peach and apricot make your individuality irresistible. The base component of musk in Stardom is a true attraction of this scent.

5. Mystic 

Enter a realm of miraculous metamorphosis. When you apply Mystic, it bursts with overtones of Shinus mole and sweet peony smells. The heart of the scent is pineapple, litchi, and pomegranate which create a sensual route for anyone who smells it. The airy scent is carried on by rich underlying tones of precious woods, white musk and sandalwood.

6. Allure

Refreshing and energetic scent with a feminine touch. The scent of Allure begins with mandarin and bergamot notes while adding a sentimental twist with peony and rose middle notes. The perfume is completed with patchouli and musk undertones that charm everyone you encounter.

Ideas Fragrances have also launched its men’s collection which is no less, with a huge variety of
fragrances that everyone will definitely ask about and is quite affordable.

Our favourite pick from the men’s is Onyx which brings in spicy tones like Bergamot and Pepper together with the natural scents of lavender and almond with the base notes of soft vanilla and amber. Power Marine is also a very different yet captivating scent for people who want to be different. With lemon and cardamom as the opening note and Amber, Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood, and Moss as base notes.

With fragrance under the Ideas umbrella, the brand is the go-to for all your clothing, accessories, home, and fragrances needs. Shop Ideas Fragrances now at or visit your nearest Ideas store to explore the full range.

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