Introducing Restaurant Awards for the First Time in Pakistan

APRA has announced awards for all the restaurant owners.

All Pakistan Restaurant Association will be announcing awards for restaurants for the first time in Pakistan. All the restaurants can now officially compete and the deserving will be declared a winner. Well, there won’t exactly be just one winner because there will be 20 awards, out of which 5 will be given by the jury and the rest will be based on customer’s choices.

In a press conference at Lal Qila, APRA revealed their jury members for the awards; Celebrity Chef Saadat, Chef Abdul Hadi, Sumeira Hussain, Dr Sadia Safdar and Ali Sultan. They all are well known chefs who have reserved in the industry and gained immense popularity.

In a press release APRA stated:

“Beyond the trophies and glamor, the All Pakistan Restaurant Awards aim to recognize and acknowledge special features of restaurants including food and service excellence, outstanding dining and delivery experiences.”

We’re hoping that these awards will ignite competition between restaurants and even local food vendors which will eventually result in better quality food served to customers. We hope to see a new wave of excitement and enthusiasm towards their work among all the people working in the food industry.