Stranger Things 3 Are Setting the Standards High

Netflix is bringing so much better content!

Stranger Things Season 3 has created new records and has set the standards high. Netflix has been a very popular streaming platform and has gained many loyal followers globally. Stranger Things has a very different and a unique story which is why it has been loved by so many people. It has broken a record of Murder Mystery with it’s latest season.

Netflix shared this news in a tweet which said:

40.7 million household accounts have been watching the show — more than any other film of series in its first four days. Netflix also said 18.2 million household accounts have already finished the entire eight episode season.

The show’s storyline dates back to the 80’s where it shows some kids discover supernatural forces which the government was hiding and keeping a secret from their people. The story keeps getting interesting and people eagerly wait for it’s seasons only because they leave a big mystery at the end and end it on a cliffhanger.

Fans all over the world have loved the season so much.

Netflix is getting better day by day and if you have not seen this show till now then you’re definitely missing out on a lot! Fans