Is Nawaz Sharif the State’s Biggest Enemy?

PM fully exposed Nawaz and claimed that he is instigating military to overthrow the army and ISI chiefs, calling him a "bigger enemy of the state."

Premier Imran Khan has stated that former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif is the ‘biggest enemy of the state’ as he is instigating the military to overthrow army chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Director, General Lt General Faiz Hameed.

Imran Khan claimed this while addressing a big rally in Khyber Pakhtunkwa’s Swat district on Friday, November 6. “He [Nawaz] is asking the army to oust the army chief and the ISI chief. In other words, he is instigating a rebellion. Nawaz Sharif is instigating this rebellion while sitting in London only to protect his [ill-gotten] wealth. Who will be a bigger enemy of the state [than Nawaz Sharif]?” the premier stated.

Imran’s comments have stemmed after the former PM, Nawaz broke his silence and made disrespectful speeches at the recent PDM rallies. He accused the military of “forming a state above state’ and for imposing the PTI government through a “rigged” election in July 2018.

In response to his comments, Imran Khan stated, “He is cowardly like a jackal,” as the PML-N supremo is making these fiery speeches whilst sitting in London. Despite being convicted, Nawaz was granted rare permission to get medical treatment for his alleged illnesses in London. However, according to Khan and many other suspicions, it seems to turn out that Nawaz Sharif was faking illness to escape the hardships of jail and punishment.

“We had relented then as we thought that he was actually ill. Women also found Nawaz’s face tragic. The courts also felt sorry for him and asked me to allow him to get treatment abroad.”

“I asked the court to at least ask him to deposit Rs7billion [as guarantee] as he worships money [and would return to escape confiscation of that amount] but this did not happen and he went abroad.”

Imran Khan further exposed Nawaz and his daughter by revealing that this anti-state propaganda is a result of their NRO demands getting rejected by Khan. “But when he realized that Imran Khan is not going to give him an NRO, he started his game from abroad and started attacking the Pakistan Army and the judiciary.”

“Maryam Nawaz is taking benefit of the respect the nation shows to women. She should, however, not take undue benefit of this national value. If it were any other country, Maryam would be in jail for the language she is using [against state institution].”

Moreover, it is imperative to note that both of Nawaz’s sons are silent and their silence is indicative of the aforementioned point about Maryam’s strategy as they know that if they used the same language they would end up in jail.

He also highlighted Nawaz and Zardari’s hypocrisy and self-interest narratives. Earlier, Nawaz Sharif launched inquiries against PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari in both of his earlier tenures as prime minister. When Zardari came to power, he also implicated Nawaz in court cases. “However, now both of them are united in their search for an NRO.”

Furthermore, Imran Khan has clearly stated that he will never give an NRO to the top leaders of the PML-N and PPP. “It would be like committing treason, If I gave an NRO to these dacoits to protect my government,” he said.

Earlier, Bilawal’s speech revealed conflict and lack of unity, now Imran’s speech further draws out the fraud agendas of the PDM. It is gradually becoming evident that the PDM is based on the personal interests of those leading it.

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