Is Sana Javed The New Villain Of Pakistan Entertainment Industry?

Several makeup artists, models and colleagues of Sana Javed have come forward to share her unprofessional and arrogant behaviour with them.

In the past couple of hours, several people from the beauty and entertainment industry have come forward to share their experiences with the actor, Sana Javed.

The first person to come out about Sana’s behaviour was a celebrity makeup artist, Ikram Gohar, who has worked with Mahira Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Kubra Khan and many others. Gohar posted on Instagram saying he heard from Manal Saleem about her terrible experience with Sana who also called her “2 takkay ki model”, after which he felt the need to come forward to share his experience as well.

Sana Javed

The makeup artist included “she did same bad behaviour with some of my good friends and gave them bad attitude.”

After this statement Rhyan Thomas, another celebrity makeup artist, came forward to share his experience with the Khaani actor at PISA Awards in Dubai.

Sana Javed

Sana Javed

Sana Javed

And at the end, he wrote a note to Sana where he mentioned how he felt after this behaviour of hers and how he had never mentioned this to anyone, not even his family. Rhyan also addressed the Manal Saleem incident mentioned by Ikram Gohar.

Wajid Khan, another celebrity artist, also took to Instagram to post his encounter with Sana Javed during a project where Sana made the producers kick him out of the set.

Not only makeup artists but model Fareeha Sheikh also shared a story about her project which was on the same day and same place Sana was working with a designer on her separate project.

She posted, “After seeing so many of my colleagues sharing their horrible experience with Sana Javed I realised I wasn’t the only one who’s been victim to mistreatment by this unprofessional lady and it’s time I shared my story as well. A few months ago, I was at a shoot at Mian Saad’s studio where multiple shoots can happen at one time. I was there first and got my makeup done, Sana Javed was to shoot for another designer happening on a separate set. When she arrived, 3 hours late, she walked in the room saw me and stormed out and threw a tantrum that she is leaving because there is another girl in the room and she won’t come back until I’m kicked out. A few minutes later the designer barged in and started SCREAMING at me like I was filth under her shoes. I was shocked! My hands and feet started shaking because I didn’t know what I did to deserve such treatment.” She then includes how everyone stood up for her, “When the makeup artist and Saad saw me they both stood up for me and kicked that designer out of the studio and told her to take her business somewhere else if she didn’t know how to share a space that was being equally paid for by both parties.”

This is not all, Mahnoor Sheikh, another model who worked with her in a TVC also talked about her experience with Sana Javed saying she kicked her and 3 other girls with her out of the makeup room saying “inko bahir nikalo mein inn larkioyun mein nahi beth sakti.” Along with these people, some of her colleagues also came forward with stories like this.

Aarinda Tul Noor has halted a campaign with Sana Javed to support all those who came forward with allegations against her in the workplace.

Sana Javed also took to Instagram yesterday to speak up and tell everyone that she has decided to take this matter to legal authorities.

Sana Javed

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