Javed Akhtar’s Remark About Pakistani Terrorists Was Criticized by Resham

Resham said that when she uploaded photos of themselves at a dinner with Javed Akhtar, she was unaware of his comments on Pakistani terrorism.

Actress Resham criticised remarks regarding terrorism made by Indian poet and lyricist Javed Akhtar last weekend at the Faiz Festival. The remarks were emphasised in a social media video that became a sensation on Monday.

In a festival video, he is seen making distinctions between how India handles Pakistani artists and likewise blaming Pakistani “terrorists” for the 2008 Mumbai attack. The actor reiterated her affection for Pakistan while claiming she was unaware of his comments.

She addressed the situation in a story on Instagram on Wednesday.“My country is more dear to me than anything else. I absolutely had no knowledge about what Javed Akhtar sahab said about my country in the Faiz Festival session,” she wrote. “I condemn his words. As per our customs of special treatment, we consider guests God’s mercy but Pakistan is more precious to us than our hearts and lives.”

Resham posted pictures of herself and Akhtar from a dinner Ali Zafar held for the Indian writer the day before, writing that she felt “fortunate” to have attended the event.

Javed Akhtar claimed in the now-viral video that Pakistan did not reciprocate when India honoured late great artists from that country. “I will not accept formality, we organised huge functions for Nusrat [Fateh Ali Khan] and Mehdi Hassan, there was no function for Lata Mangeshkar in your country.”

The truth is that blaming one another won’t solve anything, he said. “We need to reduce tensions in the region. We’re from Mumbai, we saw how our city was attacked. Those people weren’t from Norway, were they? Nor did they come from Egypt. They are still roaming around in your country. If these complaints are in a Hindustani’s heart, you shouldn’t take offence.”

Javed Akhtar led the Indian group that travelled to Pakistan last week to commemorate the Faiz Festival in Lahore.

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