Jumatul Wida Today; another Ramzan Heading Towards Its End

Jumu'ah-tul-Wida'a (Farewell/Last Friday of Ramadan)

In the blessed month of Ramzan, the last Friday (Jummatul Wida) is most vital for the entire year Friday’s. All Muslims on this day seek forgiveness of Allah to his sins. A great many fasting individuals the nation over will offer Friday prayers today at mosques and prayer grounds the across the nation.

Friday is now been considered as a special day for every one of the Muslims, yet the last Friday of Ramadan has much significance in the core of each Muslim. Countless visit mosques on that day to state their petitions. In the significance of Friday our last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) once said that the person who says his Friday prayer will get protection from the Allah Almighty for the next whole week till Friday.

In the capital, the biggest gathering of Jumatul Wida will be held at Faisal Mosque.

Today, Ulema and religious pioneers will encourage Muslim solidarity and call for making the joint battle for the freedom of Muslim world. Special prayers will likewise be made for Muslims of Kashmir, Palestine and other Muslim populated zones.