Junaid Tariq Head of Digital Marketing at PTCL won the Best Digital Marketer Award at Social Media Icon Event

Junaid Tariq, Head of Digital Marketing, PTCL, won the award for Best Digital Marketer Award at Social Media Summit & Icon Awards held at PNCA Islamabad on 17th of March 18.

The summit brings together more than 250 social media activists from all over Pakistan to share their success stories. A number of renowned digital media strategist’s entrepreneurs and corporate executives also spoke about the role of social media in Pakistan

Some of the topics discussed during the summit were pertinent to taking Pakistan to the next level using social media in the globally hyper-connected world today. The topics included the role of Pakistani women in social media, social media and cybercrime, social media and CPAC, social media and arts and culture, etc.

The summit on social media was organized to raise awareness about the developing role of social media in Pakistan. The gathering was largely attended by bloggers, PR Professionals, Social Media Activists, and Digital Marketers from all over the country.

The criteria for social media icon in Pakistan was evaluated based on Portfolio, Profile & recent successful Projects Undertaken. Junaid Tariq who was chosen from amongst the top profiles in Pakistan for this award was selected as he successfully ran some of the best social media and digital campaigns like PSL – Pakistan Super League, PGL – Pakistan Gaming League, Netflix etc.

Social Media has proven to be a very effective tool for marketers to connect and influence the behaviors of the customers. In Pakistan, Social Media is playing a vital role in forming opinions and influencing the decision making whether its consumer behavior or businesses. Not only that, social media has given us a platform where we can speak freely and openly and also showcase our work to the globally connected world.

Recently PTCL has been very active on social media platforms with innovative digital campaigns providing a digital lifestyle all across Pakistan to its consumers. Junaid was instrumental in portraying a positive image of Pakistan through his creative campaigns connecting the nation together.