Khamenei Condemns Muslim Killings In India

After Turkey, now Iran has also condemned the brutal killings of innocent Muslims all over India. Here is what he has got to say.

Who isn’t aware of what is happening in India. The Muslim minority in India getting massacred brutally while government is looking at it silently. Since the CAB has passed, Muslims have been a victim of Hindu extremism in India. More than 60 people have been killed, and the police isn’t still ready to bat an eye. The United Nations is trying to intervene, but Indian Government has already rejected their mediation. And now other countries are also trying to help stop the brutality in India.

Grand Ayatollah Khamenai tweets saying, that the massacre in India should stop now. He, moreover, added saying that Modi should ‘confront extremist Hindus’ in India.

In response to this, Ministry Spokesman of India said “We do not expect such comments from a country like Iran”.

Previously, President Erdogan also told he would keep raising his voice against the atrocities against Muslims in India and Kashmir. “Events that happened a hundred years ago in Çanakkale in Turkey are being repeated in Indian occupied Kashmir. And Turkey will continue to raise its voice against the oppression”.


India gave the same reaction to Turkey. “We call upon the Turkish leadership not to interfere in India’s internal affairs. Rather develop a proper understanding of the facts. I includes the grave threat posed by terrorism emanating from Pakistan to India and the region,” Kumar added.

All the countries condemn for what is happening in India. Nevertheless, Modi isn’t yet ready to do something about it. The extremism in India is on the rise and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. All we can do is hope and pray for the Muslims in New Delhi. They need our prayers and support. And further hope, Modi gains his sanity again.

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