Latest Tech-Gadgets That Are Bound To Take Over In 2019

Gadgets 2019!

 ASUS ZenBook S13 

Zenbook s13 proves to be the slimmest laptop to be released with elegance and poise, complete with a discrete graphics chip.2.5lb light and 0.5in thin.The laptops dimensions are 13.3 inches FHD Touchscreen,178 ° wide viewing angle, an 80 % screen-to-body ratio, with an ASUS pen

Audi; Elevating The VR Experience

Audi’s latest prototype technology has revealed to us the future of driving, which was released at the CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show) which allows its users seated in the backseat of the car to play video games, movies and visual content which is highly interactive, all this by using a VR (Virtual Reality) headset. What’s more? The visuals experienced through this headset will respond accordingly to the vehicle movements occurring during that given point of time.


The Wall

Samsung has introduced its latest 219-inch television model which has a sleek finesse ‘The Wall’, the TV set takes up the space of the whole wall but through a seamless manner with a bracket system. The set turns the whole space into a home theatre system and has a striking and eye-catching modular.