Make Your Lipstick Last Longer With These Easy Tips

All of us want to stay the same way when we go to parties, till the end of them. Unfortunately, lipstick is what irritates the most. No matter how good the brand is, it starts wearing off, leaving your look incomplete and dry. So if you are ready to pout the night away, here are some easy tips to make your lipstick last longer:

Pick The Right Stick:

Before you go ahead and buy a lipstick, always test its usefulness and shelf life. Swatch the shade on your hand, and dab it with an alcohol-based toner when it is dry. Rub it and check how much it fades, you can also check with the lotion to see if this shade is going to be your partner in the future or not.

Don’t Apply On Chapped Lips:

Never apply lipstick on chapped lips, otherwise you are destined to be doomed. Prime your lips by using a thick cream as base, which helps in overcoming the croakiness of your lips. Otherwise, you will end up picking your lips and your lipstick will easily peel off.

Use Lip Liner:

The first thing that you need to make clear is that lip liner is not what you outline your lips with. Nowadays it has become a product that is used to fill in lips, instead of the years old use. They are pigmented and hard, with the formulas that stay on the lips for a long time. Therefore, it is great if you keep a strong inner base before lipstick.


The art to great lipstick is that you know how to apply it properly. Put up layers on your lips in a manner that they won’t look burdened. Apply a single swatch to your lips and pat it