International Comedian Jeremy McLellan Hilariously Trolled India

A renowned International, America-based comedian Jeremy McLellan is currently vacationing in Pakistan. The man known for his wit and the talent to make people roll on floor with laughter is doing the same with the Pakistanis here. Well, it is safe to say that he is targeting Indians for fun too and he has just outclassed this time.

International Comedian Jeremy McLellan Hilariously Trolled India

Before we go ahead with what actually bone-tickling did he do, this man is giving us some serious food goals in Pakistan:

LOL. See, Lahori Biryani is known far and wide. But, this isn’t what Jeremy did to make us love him even more. With India’s Independence Day yesterday, he wished the neighbours and in such a way that we want him to do that again and again.

This is just not it, his comedy knows no bounds and that definitely aces him as a comedian:

This was plain hilarious, we wish that McLellan comes to Pakistan again and again, so that we can have some good use of his wits and jokes. There is no doubt that every Pakistani is loving him at the moment.