Don’t compromise your style at work this Monsoon!

Keep your style and wardrobe in check with our monsoon survival guide, which will help you to look on fleek even when it is pouring like crazy outside.

Monsoon is just round the corner and so is the heavy downpour expected. But, the heavy showers are in no way a guarantee that your stern boss will let you get a day off and enjoy the drizzling with your friends and family. Neither can you compromise your appearance or show up to work all muddled up due to rain. However, with the little shrewdness you won’t have to sacrifice on your everyday style owing to this water-y season.

 Do and Don’ts of Monsoon Style:

  • Foremost, don’t opt for fabrics that would easily lock the rain and moisture. This is why you should get rid of linen and knits altogether in monsoon season only. Similarly, do not wear denim as it takes loads of time to dry. Instead, choose clothes that won’t be affected by a little water splashes here and there. Lightweight silk, muls, chiffon fabric and the best of all – Cotton work great for your fashionista side in monsoon.
  • Instead of mini lengths and maxis, which are considered a go-to for summers choose something that has an ideal midi length. Short dresses or floor sweeping hemlines are a big no. Choose cropped trousers or culottes whenever going out for work or for any other purpose during monsoon.
  • Avoid leather shoes to work, as they are a staple for executives. Even if you are wearing them, brush them properly so that mud does not stick to places. You can also buy a good shoe wax to help with the moisture. Similarly, it takes not even an ounce of intelligence to presume that sandals are totally banned in the season. Shoes that are made of silicone material or PVC soles should only be worn, as they are the perfect footwear for rain.
  • Don’t wear jewellery at all. It entirely goes against the monsoon fashion gospel. Silver and good are strictly prohibited, but it is also better if you do not accessorize yourself with any artificial jewellery as there are chances it would completely be destroyed due to the weather.