Beauty Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Skin

More often we ignore the common mistakes that are destroying our skin. It is in our everyday life chores that the answer to the biggest of our skin care problems lie. Most of us don’t know what exactly we are doing wrong, so below are listed down some of the beauty mistakes that might be the reason your skin is ruined:

Right Products, Wrong Order:

Even though you might be using the right, quality products on your skin, but your application can be wrong on so many levels. The arsenal of products required to create a good look is confusing. But, very few know that the things you are putting up on your face go with the order.

So, apply all the products, from Moisturizers, Serums, Emulsions, Mists, Foundations, to Concealers in right order and protect your skin from irritation and dehydration.

Not Applying Skincare Products on the Neck:

Yes, you are definitely foolish if you are perfectly polishing your face but your neck goes untouched. The plethora that you are applying on the face may be proving extremely beneficial for your face, but your neck is neglected in such case. So, whatever beauty regimen are you following, it is necessary that you treat your face and neck as equals.

Same Pillowcase:

This may look like a very teensy weensy case for you, but using the same pillowcase for weeks is hazardous for your skin and health. It may lead to acne, due to all the grime and dirt accumulated on it transferring to your skin. Change your pillowcases as often as possible and prefer a satin or silk pillowcases over linen or cotton.

Not Cleaning Your Phone Screen:

Your phone has more amount of germs that any other thing of your regular use can have. It is in constant contact with your skin, and with bacteria greater than toilet seat, you are transferring them all to your hands. Clean your screen as much as you can, and instead of putting up an entire phone to your ears, use headphones when possible.