Miss Veet Pakistan Should Be Banned Because It Asks ‘Women to Remove Body Hair’

If you are still reeling with the reality of what you have read above, believe me we all are. And don’t think that we are anywhere near proposing it or standing by it, this is what has been breaking the web around Pakistan.

The Shuhada Foundation, which is affiliated with Lal Masjid cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz, has moved a case in the Islamabad High Court (IHC) asking for a ban on the Miss Veet Pakistan beauty pageant.

The petition filed by the President of the foundation, Tariq Asad, states that:

“This product [manufactured by the sponsor] aims at and advertises asking women to remove body hair to make themselves more sexually appealing to the opposite gender which is fundamentally shameful and against the injunction of Sharia.”

“It [the pageant] would serve as a launching pad for beauty contests [that are] common in many western countries.”

“Family ties would break and the values of society would deteriorate.  If it [the pageant] is allowed to continue, it would degenerate the roots of our society’s culture.”

Miss Veet Pakistan Should Be Banned Because It Asks ‘Women to Remove Body Hair’
President of The Foundation, Tariq Asad

The cleric also had the audacity to say that the pageant will “Indian-ise” our cultural and that is not tolerant for the residents of an Islamic state. He did not just end there, but furthering his argument claimed that every channel of Pakistan is supporting this agenda.

“Almost all channels are bent on tarnishing the culture of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The electronic media has become a red light screen.”

The court of Pakistan and the Shuhra council has yet to answer the petition and maintain its stance on the accusation raised. But, social media has been seething with the angry populace claiming that the petition has used objectification on the worst level. Everybody has been coming up with their own say in the matter.

Well, for once, ball is really in the court. Let’s see what happens when the verdict comes out. Till then, you keep a check on how many girls auditioned and how many were selected for the run. *Wink* *Wink*