Kangana Ranaut Is Done With the Debate on ‘Nepotism’

What started as a public debacle between Kangana Ranaut and Karan Jauhar on nepotism, sprang into a full-fledged war in Indian media. As soon as the problem branched out into Bollywood, Karan Johar decided to put a full-stop from his end. Now, Kangana Ranaut has also decided to leave further discussions on nepotism for good. The actress has said that the topic has been well-discussed in the media.

While on the trailer launch of her upcoming film ‘Simran’, she was asked about the topic like always. Upon insistence on an answer, she declared:

“Well, I have written an open letter on it. It’s been very well discussed.”

When prodded even further about how she think that the matter has been put on end, the Queen actress asserted:

“I have said everything on that matter and it’s pretty much that.”

Well, if the actress has done and dusted the matter that ruled her career and debut, then who are we to continue arguing. Right?

In other news, if you missed out the amazing trailer of this ace-actress’ upcoming movie ‘Simran’, watch it right here: