Modern and Elegant Home and Decor Store at Bukhari Commercial Karachi

Finding the best home shop with modern decor items in Karachi can be difficult. Worry no more, we've got you covered, JBSaeed Studio Store is your go-to solution.

Once you settle in your space, all it takes is the right collection of accessories to transform your house into a luxe setting. People in Karachi often find it difficult to find the right home decor store which encompasses both modern, elegant and imported products at worthwhile rates

If you’re looking for the best home shop, look no further because we have you covered. Items from JBSaeed are sure to elevate your crib. Aside from major purchases like your couches and side tables, decorating your space is all about aesthetics and elegant home decor pieces. The store is located in Karachi’s Bukhari Commercial Area. This location is ideal for customers moreover, the massive store makes the trip worthwhile. Ranging from bathroom items, kitchenware, and household decor to hardware items like door locksets, the JBSaeed Studio Store in Karachi has all the things you need to give your house a modern makeover.

The best part about the store is that you can find all essential products whether local or imported under one roof. This makes JBSaeed Studio your one-stop home solution. You will not have to rush to other shops to look for household essentials as JBSaeed Studio store has got you covered. Below we entail details of some of the products available at the store.

Bathroom Accessories

Modern and Elegant Home and Decor Store at Bukhari Commercial Karachi - Runway Pakistan

Your bathroom is the one room in your house where you can refresh without exerting too much effort. Since the area is usually so limited, even minor changes may make a big difference. Stocking your bathroom with affordable and high-quality bathroom accessories such as bathroom sets, minimalistic shower curtains, tub mats and sets of towels can add an elevated feel. At the JBSaeed Studio Store, you can find bathroom items like tub mats, bathroom sets, washroom set, shower curtains, towel stand and many other bathroom accessories.

Decor and Household

Small updates to your living space have an immense impression on your overall mood. This is especially applicable to the modern-day and age as many people are still working from home and spending time indoors. JBSaeed Studio Store offers a wide range of household modern decor items that will elevate your space. The decor store includes ceramic pots and vases, scented candles, wall-hanging and the signature faux plants which enhance the beauty of your living space.


Modern and Elegant Home and Decor Store at Bukhari Commercial Karachi - Runway Pakistan

The items at JBSaeed Studio Store in Karachi will make your kitchen is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Their decor store is stocked with modern and elegant kitchen items that will not only help you cook smart but also give an aesthetic touch to your kitchen. The variety is huge- ranging from every day cooking utensils/ gadgets to cutlery and serving platters. The JBSaeed store is very convenient as the aisles are well organized and arranged so as to make shopping manageable which is what makes the experience a whole lot easier. These items are the best kitchen accessories in Pakistan which we highly recommend purchasing.

Door Locks

Modern and Elegant Home and Decor Store at Bukhari Commercial Karachi - Runway Pakistan

If you are looking to upgrade the door locksets of your house, JBSaeed Studio offers the latest and most advanced door locksets in Pakistan. These include digital smart locks, conventional door handles, knob locks and door hinges. The variety comprises advanced yet economical smart locks as well which will be worth the investment.

You can purchase JBSaeed Studio products online on their website through JBSaeed Online Shopping or visit their grand store in Karachi’s Bukhari Commercial Area.


JBSaeed Studio
40-C, Bukhari Commercial Area Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, 75500

Contact: 0300-8110527

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