Best Kitchen Accessories in Pakistan You Can Find Online

One should definitely invest in good quality kitchen gadgets and kitchen utensils when it comes to making the right choice for your household.

Every household requires reliable and good quality kitchenware for everyday cooking and baking. How important are the right kitchen tools? I would say, the most important as no one wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen figuring out how to cook this and that, such as cutting veggies, fruits, and baking cakes, cookies, etc. There is an immense need to find adequate kitchen accessories in Pakistan to achieve this purpose. One should definitely invest in good quality kitchen gadgets and kitchenware when it comes to making that choice for your household because cooking should be hassle-free and therapeutic and not a battlefront of figuring out how to cook or bake with minimalistic or bad quality kitchen tools.

Thereby, after many disappointing experiences from other local brands, I finally decided to try my luck at the JBSaeed Studio and I was surprised to see their variety of available kitchen accessories in Pakistan. Their store seemed very accessible and convenient as the aisles were very organized and thoroughly arranged which is what made the experience a whole lot easier and more fun. I have shopped from many different stores in the past and trust me, there is always something or the other such as incorrectly named aisles or disorganized shelves which always used to slow down the process. I believe that shopping for anything, be it something as basic as kitchenware should be stress-free and easy. Moving on, I found some good quality kitchen accessories in Pakistan which I have been in search of for a long and I believe that the quality of these products finally matches the requirements I had for my kitchenware tools. If you have trouble finding sturdy and high-quality kitchenware, then this article aims to guide you to make the best choice for your kitchen.



Best Kitchen Accessories Kitchenware JB Saeed Studio


When it comes to Bakeware items, I never really invested in them because baking is done once in a while so I used to shop for bakeware from my local department store. However, after many failed baking attempts due to the lower quality of the baking trays, they were flimsy and got rusty after a single-use. I decided to give the JBSaeed baking pan a try and I immediately saw results. My cake did not burn this time. The carbon steel quality is naturally non-stick and durable. I have used it a couple of times now and it is a winner in terms of quality.


Best Kitchen Accessories Kitchenware JB Saeed Studio

Containers and Cookware

Having a 9-5 job has made me heavily reliant on food containers to store my food while keeping it fresh enough for me to take it to work. The quality of these containers is vital because you would not want your food to go bad and make your Mondays worse than they already are. I ordered a few food containers from Daraz recently and even though they were economical, I was not too impressed with the quality. One of my colleagues recommended JBSaeed Studio, and I have to say that it is one of the few places where I was actually able to get a glass food container that did not go bad when put in extreme temperatures. The best part is that I can microwave it with the lid on, unlike all of the other containers where the lid does not go in the microwave, splashing my food all over the place. While scrolling through their website I also came across their sauté pan made of Pietra Lavica which really impressed me as Pietra Lavica belongs to the family of magma tech coating which is one of the finest coatings in the market as it protects the pan from wears and scratches. Probably one of the only places where I have been able to find this quality.


Electrical Appliances 

JBSaeed Studio also caters to everyone’s need for kitchen gadgets, I recently got my hands on their Puff pan which is ideal for making delicious homemade pancake puffs, doughnut holes, and cake pops. I wanted to buy this kitchen gadget for a very long time but was never satisfied with the quality of the product available in the market. However, I am very happy with my purchase as the kitchenware appliance is very easy to use and I wake up to the best pancakes for breakfast every day and delicious cake pops from time to time. Another one of my guilty pleasures is having waffles and that is what made me purchase this Waffle Maker from JBSaeed Studio. The waffle maker comes with a heat-proof handle and variable temperature control which makes it very safe to use. If you want to wake up to small cute heart-shaped waffles every day, then I would highly recommend this product.

Best Kitchen Accessories Kitchenware JB Saeed StudioBest Kitchen Accessories Kitchenware JB Saeed Studio

Kitchen Organizers

One of the major problems I was facing in my kitchen was the chaotic mess made by my spice containers, taking them out of the cupboard for use and then keeping them back was getting tedious. One solution for this problem is to get spice racks, which resolves the issue while also making the kitchen look aesthetically pleasing. I looked for the spice racks all over the city but could not find the modern spice racks that can be displayed on the wall. I checked almost every other website but to no avail. I then came across the spice rack available at Wimco, a very renounced international brand for homeware products. Luckily, JBSaeed Studio has imported products and I was able to get it from there, literally one of the only places in Karachi which had this available. The stainless steel rods and bamboo bottom are of very high quality and are a recommended investment because the quality of the spice racks available locally is not durable.

Moreover, another added benefit for all those people who are trying to stay in and avoid going out due to the current pandemic situation is that one can easily order their kitchen accessories online from the JBSaeed Studio’s website as their delivery is prompt and hassle-free.

Future Recommendations for JBSaeed Studio:

The quality of the products available on their website is satisfactory and the fact that they also have imported products available, unlike other stores in Pakistan is an added benefit. For the future, the studio could also cater to IKEA products to add to the variety of their available imported kitchen accessories in Pakistan. Also, some kitchenware accessories that I would suggest the studio cater to includes the following.

Clip-on Basket: These will come in handy for storing fruits and vegetables along with the countertops.

Two-tier under-sink organizer: These would make our below-the-sink cabinets look more organized and clean.

Kitchen Sink Sponge holder: This is the key to avoiding those soapy sink tops.

Dish Towel Holder: These racks would definitely make our kitchen look more organized.

A magnetic knife strip: Magnetic knife strip is a very unique product and a smart solution to free up the kitchen space and put things close at hand.

Hope this was helpful for all those people who are in search of the best available kitchen accessories in Pakistan to make their cooking fun and hassle-free.

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