Here’s How House No 242 Tackles Child Sexual Abuse

See Prime's latest short film, House No. 242, staring Hira Tareen addresses child sexual abuse and its repercussions in case it is not addressed.

See Prime its latest short film – House No 242tackles the issue of child sexual abuse in Pakistan. The crime often goes unreported, giving these heinous predators the autonomy to continue these actions, subsequently raising rates.

Part of the reason our society is so hellbent on letting abusers get away with their appalling practices stems from our people’s collective ability to accept such a horrendous crime as a reality – it becomes easy to move past it with denial and not acknowledging it. Another factor behind dodging addressing the massive rates of child sexual abuse cases stems from a superstition that rape and abuse are in fact ‘dishonourable’ for the victim and not the perpetrator. Child sexual abuse has everlasting repercussions for the victim, and since society has mastered the art of victim-blaming, this has enhanced rape culture. See Prime has picked up on this exact issue in House No 242.

House No 242 was released by See Prime on YouTube on March 6, 2021. The short film features Hira Tareen as Meerab, who does a phenomenal job at bringing Meerab and later on Mano to life. Saad Qureshi plays Asher, Meerab’s concerned husband. Renowned Pakistani actor Annie Zaidi stars as Meerab’s mother and Mano is played by Angel in House No 242.

House No 242 directs attention towards empowering victims and ensuring a safe haven for our children. “We will never leave her side. And when we have to, we will teach her to fight,” says Asher as the film ends.

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