Juggun Kazim Discusses Fat-Shaming Post Pregnancy

In a recent interview with BBC Urdu, Juggun Kazim opened up about how she faced continuous fat-shaming post her pregnancy

Juggun Kazim has broken her silence in her latest interview with BBC Urdu where she revealed the countless instances of fat-shaming that she experienced post her pregnancy.
The actress shared how she gained almost 30 kilograms after giving birth to her firstborn.

“I was called names like gainda, moti [rhino, fat] when I gained weight during pregnancy. The people who pass these remarks take it as a joke but they are agonizing for the one who is at the receiving end,” Juggun Kazim said.

Now a mother of three, Juggun Kazim, during the interview added that she faced similar criticism about her body each time she gave birth.

“I used to cry secretly in washrooms,” she said, adding, “I was forced to think and question my decision of giving birth.”

Juggun Kazim shared that after giving birth to her youngest daughter last year, she heard cruel comments from one of her co-workers during a shoot. “I was told that I look like a python who has swallowed a human.”

Notably, the actress affirmed that she wasn’t concerned about her weight gain but people forced her to worry about it.

“I purposely walk in dropping posture nowadays so that my chest doesn’t get noticed; no girl should face these circumstances,” Juggun Kazim said.

Body Shaming Vector Images (over 300)Fat-shaming continues to be one of the nuisances of our society. It is another social evil that is deep-rooted in our societal practices. It is worse for women who have recently given birth because it is something that is not in their control, the body goes through several changes during the process and instead of celebrating the blessing of a child, many women are faced with derogatory comments pertaining to their physical appearance. While many Pakistani actresses have opened up about this issue, Juggun Kazim is the most recent one.


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