Mohatta Palace Order is Being Challenged by Sindh

Order for the Mohatta Palace site to be used as a medical college was passed and was challenged by the government on Wednesday.

Sindh High Court ordered Mohatta Palace to turn to a medical college is being challenged by the government as informed by a provincial law officer on Wednesday.

This hearing was done by Justice Syed Hassan Azhar Rizvi in a single-judge bench on November 1st. Complaint about Mohatta Palace, Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah’s heritage property, located in Clifton was filed in 1971. The same single judge bench was conducted by Justice Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan however the same was dismissed because Justice Zulfiqar was on the division bench.

Justice Rizvi wanted this Mohatta Palace suit to be resumed on November 16 again in the single-judge bench of Justice Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan who passed the order after hearing all the related parties and with consent.

Mohatta Palace Museum Gallery Trust requested the Sindh High Court as well to let them be there for hearing and passing the order as it would affect the gallery directly. Their statement also said that the property has never been commercial but instead a protected heritage site. Additionally, it said that the AAG had no authority in giving consent without asking the government and going through the records.

However, at the hearing AAG thought that the complaint was an intra-court complaint by the Sindh Government against the October 13th order passed.

The statement by Mohatta Palace Museum Gallery Trustees, carried out by Abdul Hamid Akhund also stated that trustees would also be filing a complaint along with the provincial government against the Sindh High Court order passed for Mohatta Palace.

“The issue is a legal one among the relatives of Mohtarma Fatima and Shireen Jinnah of the immovable and movable properties and Mohatta Palace ceased to be their property once it was sold under the orders of the SHC,” the statement said.

The Mohatta Palace was purchased at 61.8 million rupees in 1994 by the order of SHC and the amount was deposited to the SHC. And after this sale, the palace was handed down to the federal and Sindh government with Sindh Governor as a witness as per the court’s order.

The amount was paid by the government and the Mohatta Palace Trust was formed with the terms stating that the site can not be sold, commercialized, or used for anything else other than a museum, cultural complex, or gallery.

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