Here Are The 5 Ways To Overcome Sleepiness In The Morning

We all have that feeling of droopiness in the morning when we wake up for work. Hence, we have listed five ways of keeping one active in the morning.

I think it goes without saying that we have all felt some form of sleepiness when we wake up in the morning.

We often get that irresistible feeling of not wanting to get up from our beds to do anything. There are days we just want to lay on our beds and just relax without a care in the world.

However, there are ways to overcome this weariness that one feels in the morning. Here are some five tips that can assist you in feeling more active when you wake up.

1) Drink Less Coffee

Yes! You heard it right. Studies have suggested that drinking loads of caffeine in the morning only made people more sleepy and tired.

Hence, it is suggested to take small cups of coffee to help reduce the sleepiness and fatigue.

Drinking too much coffee causes more sleepiness.

2) Get Some Sunlight Exposure

Studies have suggested that exposure to sunlight helps increase serotonin levels. This has the effect of making us feel more energetic and active.

Thus, its best to get as much sunlight exposure as possible in the morning. This will help get that sense of adrenaline that will keep one active in the morning.

Exposure to sunlight helps reduce sleepiness

3) Get Some Exercise

Exercising in the morning is one way of helping to eradicate sleepiness and enforces a sense of liveliness that is needed to start one’s day.

One of the best exercises for one to do in the morning include walking and cycling. The added bonus of working out in the sun helps further increase one’s activeness and eliminates any form of sleepiness.

Exercising early in the morning helps mitigate sleepiness

4) Drink Loads Of Water

Dehydration has the affect of causing fatigue which contributes to greater sleepiness. Water not only keeps our body hydrated but also keeps us lively and energetic.

Hence, it is suggested that one must drink at least two to three glasses of water to help keep themselves active in the morning.

Drinking water reduces dehydration which in return makes one active.

5) Cold Showers

Taking a shower with cold and icy water may not be great but it definitely keeps one awake. While warm water just makes one more sleepy, cold water helps keep our body active and alert.

So, if your looking for a great way to kick start the day more actively, then its best to take a cold shower.

Cold water keeps one active and eliminates any form of tiredness.


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