Natural Remedies to Deal With Bloating

Bloating happens to the best of us, making you feel sluggish, reducing productivity and increasing frustration. Here are 4 natural remedies to alleviate it.

Nearly all of us suffer from bloating at some point in our lives. It happens to the best of us- for many, it is a recurring issue but for others, it’s something they experience rarely. Bloating can be extremely annoying as it makes us feel uncomfortable, sluggish and anxious in certain cases. Here’s a list of all-natural remedies to fight bloat.


Ginger This everyday ingredient is known for being anti-inflammatory. It alleviates the uncomfortable feeling and protects the stomach lining. That’s why ginger is an ingredient in teas and other supplements. Ginger is most potent if used when it comes straight from the roots. When requires, just break a piece off the root, rinse and peel it then leave the rest of the work to the blender.




Liquid Diet Recipes for Jaw Surgery | Liquid diet recipes, Soft foods diet, Liquid diet

Liquid-filled foods are light and help with reducing bloating. These foods are softer and hence are pre-digested. This indicates that you should cook your food for longer periods of time and add as much as water you whilst keeping the flavours live. Such foods include oatmeal, quinoa, soups, other pureed food and rice all cooked through with more amounts of water than usual. This softens the ingredients making it easier to digest. You don’t have to necessarily be bloated to consume these foods, it’s more beneficial to incorporate these in your daily diet to avoid the bloat from occurring more often.





What is Fennel? (And How to Cook It) - Recipes by Love and Lemons

In pre-modern societies where conventional medicine was practised, fennel was widely used to alleviate intense gas and abdominal pain. Fennel, remains to be paramount ingredient that does wonders for the digestive system. The plant is highly inflammatory so you can sprinkle its seeds or powder over any dish. The plant is also antibacterial and antifungal.




Moderating Stress Levels and Intermittent Fasting

At-home yoga videos to help ease your mind during a lockdown - Health - The Jakarta PostIntermittent fasting, for those of you who don’t know, involves eating only during an 8 hour period whilst the remaining 16 hours are meant to spent fasting. Results are surprising and significant changes to bloating can be seen in just a week. Moreover, over the years studies have suggested that stress impacts one’s digestive system. This in turn can cause bloating, triggered by our stress hormone, cortisol. To reduce cortisol, ideal remedies include, moderate pace-walking for half an hour, low-intensity exercises, yoga and a good night’s sleep.

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