Okay! So This Women’s Only Magazine Wants You to Join Taliban

In what could be considered as the most bizarre magazines of all time, a new women’s magazine has just surfaced. And no, it does not give an insight into the lives of Kardashian sisters, or how much weight Kareena Kapoor has lost and so on. Instead, it is all about guns, bombs, grenades and of course women!

And do you know the world-class publisher of this magazine? None other than, your very own, Pakistani Taliban who have become a bone in our throats since a good amount of time.

Inspired by the seventh century brave Muslim warrior Khawlah Bint al-Azwar, the magazine has been named as ‘Sunnat-i-Khaula,’ which means that ‘The Way of Khaula. The first issue that has just hit the markets is of 45 pages and had an exclusive cover shoot of a woman. But, don’t worry there is nothing remotely designer about the shoot, but it has a woman veiled from head to toe.

Okay! So This Women’s Only Magazine Wants You to Join Taliban

If you aren’t stunned enough, we have another good news for you. As if the women only terrorism magazine wasn’t enough, the cover story or the feature article is an interview with the wife of TTP Leader Fazlullah Khorasani. Obviously, she is the celebrity here! The wife of the most pious man wouldn’t be any less. Right? And, definitely, she is blessed to have such a peace-loving hubby. So, all in all, she deserves this attention.

Okay! So This Women’s Only Magazine Wants You to Join Taliban

This unnamed prestigious wife, who married the TTP in leader at the age of 14, is quoted as saying:

“I ask you why now everywhere there is a hue and cry about underage marriages … We have to understand that mature boys and girls if left unmarried for too long can become a source of moral destruction of the society.”

Other than all the other nuisance that this magazine is spreading, it is encouraging women to gather around secretly and discuss ways through which they can take part in Jihad. Cherry on top, it also encourages them to distribute literature among fellow women, which promotes this ideology. Though there is no specific women use or training mentioned for women in this genius magazine, but it has enforced that women should know how to handle weaponry.

It is alarming that TTP is publishing such literature and spreading it in such vast numbers that it has garnered the attention of international media and the likes of ‘The Guardian’ etc. Like always, our government and law enforcement has nothing to say about this ever-spreading TTP epidemic.