Our Celebrities Have Better Things To Do Than Vote Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is an important day for our country. It’s the day of elections and every individual has the right to cast a way. Infact, as a citizen of Pakistan it is their duty to do so! However, it seems that some of our celebs have more important things to, like attending the 6th HUM Style Awards.

The awards are scheduled to be help on 28th July, Saturday. There is plenty of time for the attendees to get there in time, so we don’t see the point of flying to Toronto 4 days early and missing the elections?

Celebrities like Hareem Farooq, Mahira Khan, Hania Amir and Yasir Hussain are already in Toronto, having a mini vacation. It seems like they have totally forgotten their duty as a citizen of Pakistan. These people are seen as an inspiration by their followers, so what kind of example are they setting?

On the other hand, Hira and Mani + other celebs are staying back to cast their vote and then head over to Toronto.