Over 6,800 captured wild birds found on a Passenger Bus

The Sindh Wildlife Department was tipped off and a raid party impeded the bus at the Pakistan Rangers checkpoint, near Jamshoro Toll Plaza.

Around 6,800 wild birds were found on a passenger bus headed to the city of Larkana on Wednesday. The Sindh Wildlife Department was tipped off and a raid party impeded the bus at the Pakistan Rangers checkpoint, near Jamshoro Toll Plaza. These birds included sparrows and nightingales, more commonly known as bulbul. After the raid, these birds were taken into custody and hereby, released into the wild.

Moreover, the SWD team did not find anyone willing to claim the birds, traveling to the port city without any owner. According to SWD official Aijaz Ahmed Noondani, “the real culprits were not in the bus”. After taking the birds into custody, the bus conductor was detained by the authorities. Upon further investigation, he revealed that a man named Essa Macchi had transported the birds and loaded them atop the bus. Noondani claimed that “the bus driver will bring Essa Macchi to our office or will lodge a complaint against him”.These birds were then released by the authorities into the Milani Forest, located near Hyderabad city.

In a similar incident, the SWD authorities found 7000 wild birds loaded on a bus in Mehar, a town in Dadu district. Hereby, search parties are being sent to villages identified for these illegal activities.” We are working hard to convince poachers to abide by the law,” said Noondani, adding that there is a complete ban on poaching.

Despite the enforced ban in February 2019, thousand of birds are recovered by the authorities in different locations from time to time. The law against poaching has done little to combat this illegal activity. However, SWD team claims that it has been able to put a stop to 80 percent of such trade.

“The check from our office is very strict,” said SWD Provincial Conservator Javed Ahmed Mahar,

The officials claim that seizing the property such as birds, and baskets of the poachers during raids results in a hefty financial loss for those engaged in transporting wild birds to big cities. This adversely breaks down the poachers.

Finally, regarding the current situation, he added that if the suspect is not turned in soon then the authorities will consider the owner of the bus to be responsible for the crime.

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