Pakistan Under Pressure to Recognise Israel

Federal Minister for Human Rights, Shireen Mazari, recently revealed that Pakistan is still under pressure to recognize Israel.

While addressing a public ceremony in Islamabad, Federal Minister on Human Rights, Shireen Mazari said there is a lot of pressure on Pakistan to recognise and formalize ties with Israel, but Pakistan has linked the matter with a just resolution of the Palestine issue.

“Normalizing relations with Israel is out of the question unless there is a just settlement to the Palestine conflict under UN resolutions.”

Moreover, Shireen Mazari lamented how the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) no longer raises a firm voice for Palestine and Kashmir.

“In the past, Pakistan has voiced support for every Muslim country in crisis. It has been a tradition for the Muslim Ummah to stand up for the justice of Muslim countries.”

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Mazari said India and Israel have openly violated human rights in Kashmir and Palestine.

“It seems that there will be no significant shift in the United States policy towards Palestine with the change of administration. There is no difference between Donald Trump and Joe Biden regarding Palestine.”

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Shireen Mazari also noted that Israel barred Palestinian Muslims from offering their daily prayers and calling the Azan. She urged all the Muslim countries to voice support for the people of Kashmir and Palestine.

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