Parey Hut Love’s Trailer Is like a Roller Coaster Ride.

We had a glimpse of what the movie will look like and what it entails. We're definitely eager to watch what Asim Raza will be bringing to our screens.

Parey Hut Love released its first trailer on Friday and it is just a chunk of what the whole movie will look like. To grab attention of the audience, a movie needs to have something enticing and a little bit of everything. Mystery, thrill, romance and lots of emotions is what Parey Hut Love seems to be composed of.

The trailer had some beautiful shots; the cinematography seems to be top notch. Sheheryaar Munawar and Maya Ali will be seen on screen as the main lead roles for this movie. Other than them, we can also see Zara Noor Abbas, Ahmed Ali Butt, Frieha Altaf and many other actors who have made sure to make this movie as lively as possible. Mahira Khan and Meera Jee can also be seen in the trailer as special appearance guests.

From the trailer we can’t figure out exactly what is going on but we can definitely understand that there’s some connection between Maya and Sheheryaar. There’s a big fat wedding but we’re not sure whose, there’s betrayal and death and everyone’s mourning. There are few details given and a lot of the information is missing which is why we can’t wait to watch this movie.

The movie is directed by Asim Raza, who has also directed Ho Mann Jahan. Asim Raza is very skilled and a creative individual who has put in a lot of efforts into his new movie which we can figure out just from the trailer. Parey Hut Love will be releasing in Pakistan on Eid-ul-Adha and it’s worth watching. It’ll be a roller coaster of emotions which will keep the audience curious and entertained till the end.