Pepsi #KhanaykaSceneAala

Pepsi is all set and ready to bring forth a new initiative for the new generation

                                              Are YOU A  PEPSI- h o l i c ??

People of Pakistan are real foodies and the local streets are filled with aromas of cookery throughout the country. The street food of Pakistan holds a special place in Pakistani Cuisine. Roaming in the streets of Pakistan and tasting its food can help people feel the depth of its flavors and diversity of our culture.  Food culture is bustling in Pakistan these days; on one hand, we have the local eateries serving street food and on the other side the modern eateries are introducing us to flavors from across the globe.

Pepsi Pakistan has started a new trend, #KhanaykaSceneAala, which is spreading across the country filled with foodie Pakistanis. Many celebrities like Hania Amir, Fawad Khan, Anoushey, Osman Khalid Butt, Muneeb Butt and a famous international food traveller, Mark Weins, are celebrating delicious food with chilled Pepsi.



Hania Aamir did an ASMR with a chilled Pepsi, Check it out:

Furthermore, Pepsi is on its way to make a mark in the hearts of the youth again by introducing the ‘Bustaurant’ , which will be a new concept of food in a van for Karachites,stopping at different locations of the city.

So dont forget to spot Pepsi Bustaurant in Karachi at the selected venues and enjoy delicious food. And don’t forget to upload a picture of the Bustaurant with the hashtag #KhanayKaSceneAala to claim your free Pepsi!

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