Playing the Odds


Your right to information matters, because who knows when you’re going to need it. The fundamental right of every citizen of Pakistan is to acquire and access information. Be it social or legal.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Documentary maker and Two-Time Academy winner has taken up the charge of walking

women through their rights and enable their actions with a fresh launch of short animated clips.

Aagahi, a public service and awareness campaign which translates and speaks about the rights people ought to know. It’s a seven-month venture launched under the banner of SOC banner and release 14 short animation with an informative narrative and multilingual and regional languages.

The first episode is out! ‘How to register a FIR’ is a 2.30 minute clip enacting the procedure to lodge an official FIR with the local police, one at a time. The aim of this campaign is to endorse the legal rights, information reforms which promote both democracy and freedom in the favor of women.

Aagahi, the very first of its kind, is a much needed legal assistance for women on frequently asked questions about instances like Divorce, Domestic violence, Cyber-crimes and other reported social issue