5 Pretty Ponytails For When You’re Feeling LAZY!

We all feel lazy AF every morning, every night or in fact every passing second of the day. Be it morning office or late night parties, getting up and mustering strength to look presentable needs a lot of strength. Really! I am not over-exaggerating. Yet, what to make out of your stupid hair in the end is the hardest of all.

This is why, we have got 9 pretty ponytails from you, have taken inspiration from celebrities to make ponytails at times when you are feeling extremely lazy:

Super High:


Do you have bleached here? If yes, then this one is definitely for you. Take your hair high up in a very high ponytail. The contrast between artificial hair and normal hair would look extra-ordinary.

Center Part:


Center part your hair into a sleek pony tail; be it a party or an office meeting, you are definitely gotta roll.

Rapunzel Mane:

9 Pretty Ponytails For When You're Feeling LAZY!

If you have long hair, then channel out your inner queen by dragging your hair up to a long mane.

Glam Curls:

9 Pretty Ponytails For When You're Feeling LAZY!

Be it a date or just chilling with friends, a high pony tail with waves will definitely add a glam to your appearance.

Beachy Curls:

9 Pretty Ponytails For When You're Feeling LAZY!

Though a low pony may make you sound like a grandma, but it looks so chic when you pair it with beach waves. Just add some sea salt spray to your hair, and TADA.