Prince Hamara Hero

You’ve been eating Prince biscuit since you were a child, right? Here is some exciting news for you: now see Prince live in action, fighting bad guys and all.

Move over Batman and Superman, there is a new hero in town! The Prince Hamara Hero event was held at Ambrosia and all the attendees were given a formal invite which included a basket of Prince biscuits and a scroll as the invitation card.

At the event, young kids joined in the fun and they seemed super excited with the launch of Pakistan’s own superhero. After an introduction of Prince the hero, the host indulged the kids in a few games and even the adults took part in that. Later, Asim Azhar made an appearance on the stage and it was revealed that he was the voice behind Prince. Then, he sang a few lines of the series introduction music and captured the crowd with his performance.

Celebrities like Sunita Marshall, Nadia Hussain, and Hira Hussain were all there.

We are super excited to see these new TV series air and see Prince in action!