Public Stands Up Against VIP Culture In Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi

We have had enough of the injustice being committed by our dear politicians, lawmakers and the elected representatives of the government. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH! We are done with their prejudices, VIP Culture and movements that leave us immobile on the streets in a scorching heat for hours. This is why, when people were filled to the brim with hatred and injustice, they gathered on the main Shahrah of Karachi to stand against VIP culture.

What actually happened is that yesterday a VIP, speculated to be an important PPP leader, had to pass through Shahrah-e-Faisal. Common to the norm, whole of the roads were blocked that infuriated the people who were stranded to wait at the road, probably sticking to their vehicles for hours. But, no more! The populace stood up to boycott the VIP, paving way on their own:

As you would have already seen through the video, people gathered up and demanded the traffic police to show documents proving that the road has been blocked lawfully. We all know that no pathetic politician ever has a document stating that he or she is free to block the road for their own ease. When the officials failed to produce any such document, people became more infuriated and demanded for the road to be evacuated at once.

Finally, due to incessant threats and demands of the gathered public, the traffic police had to give in. The blockage was removed and the police paved a way for the passerby to go. If only we were always united on this front, to get rid of the menace that is called “VIP Culture” in Pakistan.