Religious Scholars Defend Christian Woman Against Fake Blasphemy Threats

The religious scholars defending the Christian woman said they have met the lady and assured her that they stood by her both on religious and legal grounds.

In an unprecedented decision, religious scholars said they would support a female Christian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) officer who had just been blackmailed by a Muslim coworker with bogus accusations of blasphemy to resolve a “personal issue” in the city.

Religious scholars from both Christianity and Islam agreed that the action was intended to demonstrate to the sufferer that she was not alone.

In a widely shared video, a CAA official named Salim threatens a female coworker and accuses her of blasphemy for forbidding the admission of a car without a license plate into the luggage compartment at Karachi airport. A spokeswoman for CAA later confirmed that the male employee had been terminated.

In the most recent development, a delegation of ulema from several sects met with the woman under the leadership of Allama Ziaullah Sialvi, chairman of the Ulema Amn Council Pakistan.

Allama Sialvi, a religious scholar, told a reporter, “We met our sister and assured her that we stand by her both on religious as well as legal grounds.”

He promised, “If she wants to take legal action and lodge an FIR of the incident against the CAA official, we will fully support her during the investigation and in court as well.”

He declared that nobody would be permitted to abuse religion against “our non-Muslim brethren,” because doing so not only disgraced the nation but also set bad precedents for victimizing people for one’s own gain.

The ulema visited the CAA office at Bishop Khadim Bhutto’s invitation and filed a joint application with the director general asking him to take disciplinary action against the concerned officer. Bishop Khadim Bhutto and Allama Sialvi are leading an interfaith project.

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