“Loneliness is the sign that you are in desperate need of yourself”


As the tagline suggests, this beautiful piece of art is all about self- love and worth, written by a Canadian poetess, writer and an illustrator Rupi Kaur. Milk and Honey is a collection of poetic prose as Rupi shares her experience about love, abuse, loss and femininity. It is divided into four chapters: the hurting, the loving, the breaking, the healing, the reader would feel an evolution of emotions and feelings as each chapter unfolds…

This passionate and aesthetic piece of literature is all about love and pain and evolving yourself through it all in the end as a strong and fierce woman. You will find yourself engaged in your own tangled thoughts about love and emotions and would find ultimate peace within by the end of the last stanza.

Although there are a few critical reviews about it but it has managed to win the heart of the youth, dealing with relatable situations. The content of the book is very strong and emotionally rich, keeping one hooked throughout. We can say that the book serves as a soulful food for our mind and heart. The truthful words written in the book rip through our heart and soul with some brilliant doodles along with proses. It makes you understand how powerful and influential words can be and it can have a lasting effect on the mind.

The book speaks about finding love and losing it, then surviving through the trauma of losing it and then knowing about your self- worth and love. We can say that this book is the ultimate solution to mend a broken heart. It gives you a whole new meaning of ‘being selfish’, explaining that putting yourself first isn’t really selfishness. Overall, it is a good read for people searching for basic yet meaningful poetry.

We suggest you to read this book, because it is nothing but an amazing yet a relieving experience. Highly recommended for all poetry lovers, as it promises to give you a pure and an honest take on life through Rupi’s eyes!

By Mariam Kazi