Rivaj Launches Its Biggest Rebranding Campaign Creating An Empowering Impact

Rivaj launched its new campaign, I SET MY OWN RIVAJ, which isn't just a brand transformation but a long-term vision for the upcoming years.

Women in Pakistan have always followed the traditions and directions that were set for them by society. But today’s women are empowered, well informed, well aware and want to create their own path and this is what Rivaj’s brand transformation is all about; to celebrate today’s women who are setting themselves free from the conventional cliches of society and gender stereotyping.

I SET MY OWN RIVAJ isn’t just another brand transformation campaign, instead it’s a feeling, a connection with women from all walks of life, and from all around Pakistan.

Hammad Sohail (Marketing Head – Rivaj) on why the brand needed a transformation.

‘Just 6 months into this role and I realized that despite Rivaj being a household name in Pakistan because of its wide product range and the value it provides to its customers, the right consumer connection in today’s era with proper brand identity and personification was missing. Being a Marketing enthusiast, I always loved doing brand transformations and thus I took this challenge to build a strong brand identity of Rivaj with its consumers of today and tomorrow for Pakistan and beyond’.

The vision behind the rebranding is to establish Rivaj as the most preferred cosmetics, skincare and personal care brand in Pakistan that understands South Asian skin like no other brand.

With its powerful legacy and strong consumer loyalty, Rivaj’s new brand identity reflects how it celebrates the women of today, who have been carved into moulds for years but are now breaking the stereotypes and barriers set by society.

Can you elaborate the idea behind this new brand manifesto?

As Hammad Sohail, Marketing Head puts it, ‘Rivaj is a brand for masses and #ISetMyOwnRivaj is not just a brand manifesto that establishes and transforms the brand’s current narrative and connects with the relevant consumer of today, it also reflects how we celebrate our women, who have been carved into different moulds according to the stereotypical thinking of society. But now is their time to set free from these moulds and stay true to their heart. No more are the conventional clichés of society dictating their truth and telling them about their passions, their dreams, their individuality, and their ambitions. They Stay true to their heart and #SetTheirOwnRivaj”

I SET MY OWN RIVAJ is bigger than a new campaign or a tagline. It is a long-term vision strategy for the brand for its global expansion. It sets a narrative shift from women being just followers to women being leaders and taking charge of their own paths.

With its new brand identity, Rivaj enables a sense of freedom to women to follow their individual style, looks and preferences rather than accepting hand-me-down choices or approvals from others.

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