Top 5 Places To Get Limca Soda From in Karachi

Limca is the traditional street beverage in Karachi and is usually a must-have during one of your shopping sprees. Here are top 5 places to get it from.

Yes, we all are a fan of the traditional street Pakistani drink Limca which is especially famous in Karachi. If you ever go to eat chaat and don’t order this to accentuate the spice of the chaat then you’re living life wrong.

Limca is a locally loved drink with 7up, chaat masala, sugar, mint and the magic ingredient, black salt. But not every vendor can nail the famous limca flavour, especially keeping the proportions of the ingredients equal to make sure it is not too much. Here are some local shops in Karachi where you can find the best limca to pair with your chaat.

Thirsty Soda

Thirsty, a company located in SMCHS, Bahadurabad and Gulshan, makes richly flavoured soda combinations that will have you going back for more. Not just their limcas but their ombre fruity drinks are also quite famous. They also have ice cream milk soda on their menu which brings back our childhood.

1 Degree Centigrade 

This soda shop has a huge selection of flavours and is also quite inexpensive! When choosing your daily limca flavour, you can sample test shots for free. If you are a traditional lover you can also go for their famous Zeera Masala Drink or Kashmiri Chai. But along with all these, they have some fruity sodas as well like Peach Crush, Pomegranate, Plum, Lychee and many more.

Juice Island 

This soda shop is a hidden gem in the juice world. It is very affordable and has all organic and fresh juices where you can get any juice combination or get juice combination from their menu. But their limca is out of this world and for the price point you get a quite good quantity. Their range also includes several shakes including dry fruit and seasonal fruit shakes as well as dessert shakes like Oreo and Nutella.

Sip n Dip

The likelihood that you will stop at Sip n Dip at least once while travelling to Burns Road is high. Its icy mint limca drink characterises Karachi’s Limca flavours. Although this brand does not have a social media presence, its beverage is the definition of Limca of Karachi.


Icesmokes is the place to go if you want to try something new with your cocktails. They serve Limcas with nitrogen ice, which makes the beverages look like some sort of science experiment. They have quite a range of flavours in limca as well and you will see their beverage everywhere from school events to Karachi eat. It must have if you are in the DHA area near Khadda Market.

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