Sadaf Kanwal’s Statement on MeToo Movement in 2018 and Her Recent Statement

Sadaf Kanwal is in the middle of controversy yet again. However back in 2018 her remarks regarding the MeToo movement also gained a lot of backlashes.

A recent statement on feminism and the role of a wife by Sadaf Kanwal, a Pakistani model, has led to a howl of protest in Pakistan. Numerous celebrities and influencers have come forward to show their disagreement with her statement. But this is not the first time she has found herself in the middle of a controversy regarding this feminism.

Back in September 2018, Sadaf Kanwal was invited to Tonite with HSY where Hassan asked her view on the #MeToo movement. Her ignorant response to the question was “You know aap ke Saath Me Too jab ho, tab boldo. Baad mein ap ko Yaad aa Raha hai Me Too. So, I think jab ho boldo”. This led her to the middle of a controversy and several people were enraged with this remark. She further commented that if something ever happened to her, she will not raise her voice about it on social media instead will tell people she knows privately.

And yet again she finds herself in the middle of a huge controversy where people are calling her out for her problematic feminist and marriage statement especially during times when femicide and violence against women are rising. At this time, influencers and celebrities are ones who have a powerful position and can stand against the injustice women are facing but Sadaf’s statement is a way to give justification and power to predators who support femicide.

Sadaf Kanwal said “Our culture is our husband. I married him, which means I have to pick up his shoes and iron his clothes. I know where all of Shahroz’s things are and what and when he has to eat. I need to know these things because I am his wife and I am a woman. He doesn’t have to know the same about me. This is what I believe because this is what I’ve grown up seeing. This feminism has become a part of our lives, it’s because of liberals” during an interview with her husband, a few days back.

After this statement, Sadaf Kanwal has received a great deal of backlash.

Some used humor and sarcasm to show disagreement.

A Twitter user even showed support for Syra

Many people even compared her to Khalil-ur-Rehman, a writer, who was involved in a similar controversy a few months back.

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