Schitt’s Creek: A Comedy Series You Must Watch

With the Roses losing all their wealth and being forced to live into a small town, Schhit's Creek is a show that'll keep you entertained at all times!

Schitt’s Creek, a Canadian comedy sitcom, was originally aired on CBC in 2015- however, due to its odd name and basic ideas, the show did not exactly grab the viewer’s attention off the bat. After reading the generic synopsis and the overview of the series it seemed like any other ‘rich gone poor’ show.

However, boy, were we wrong! Schitt’s Creek has been an absolute delight to binge! The script may sound generic but there is way more to it than it lets on; you need to start watching the show to be able to uncover the greatness. It is everything right; light, funny, sentimental, and such a breeze to go through.

We all want such shows that we could watch at any time of the day without having to put too much thought into, something that is an instant pick-me-up and makes you feel light. Schitt’s Creek manages to do just that effortlessly! From David and Alexis’s quirky habits to Stevie’s witty responses, we just cannot get enough of the show!

Schitt’s Creek is a story of the Rose family, a couple of rich, spoilt socialites who eventually are left with nothing as the authorities seize all their wealth and are forced to move into a small town. Then the story begins with having to adjust to a small town and the people and their customs.

The series, however, did not immediately receive a massive audience as it was released, initially, HBO denied airing the show as well that is why it started with CBC. Although Schitt’s Creek has seen incredible development over the past few years- as the show aired onto Netflix, it grabbed the attention of many viewers- just like us and became one of the most popular comedy sitcoms for 2020.

Schitt’s Creek further managed to bag nine Emmy Awards in the virtual ceremony hosted this year, breaking the Emmys record for most wins in a single season for a comedy, proving themselves to be one of the best comedy sitcoms!

Schitt’s Creek won the best comedy series prize, with the show’s creators, father and son Eugene and Daniel Levy, winning the best comedy actor and best supporting comedy actor, respectively. Catherine O’Hara was named best comedy actress, with Annie Murphy winning the best-supporting actress in a comedy series.

“Our show, at its core, is about the transformational effects of love and acceptance, and that is something we need more of now than we’ve ever needed before,” said Dan Levy as he accepted the prize for Schitt’s Creek as the best comedy series.

Moreover, Eugene Levy thanked his son, Daniel Levy, as he was accepting his award by saying, “I want to thank this young man who took our fish-out-of-water story and transformed it into a story of inclusivity, a castigation of homophobia, and a declaration of the power of love, so thank you, Daniel.”

After six successful seasons, Schitt’s Creek has upped the game and left its mark within the comedy sitcom industry! We recommend that you give it a watch if you haven’t already.

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