Second Cup Karachi The Coffee Pioneers & Masters

Hailing from Canada, Second Cup entered in Karachi to make a mark. All the delicacies they've brought are tempting and delicious!

Second Cup is the largest coffee retailer in Canada. They first started serving coffee from a small kiosk in 1975 and have grown into giants ever since. With outlets spread all over the globe, Second Cup has marked its territory in over 25 regions, including Abu Dhabi, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Dubai, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Sharjah, Syria, Taiwan, UK, and in four regions in the USA.

After the successful launch in one city, they proceeded to serve guests in other cities, including Karachi. The grand opening of Karachi‘s outlet took place last year, where many bloggers and celebrities were invited to celebrate the occasion. The outlet in Karachi is located in one of the prime areas and tucked away in the heart of DHA.

A double story outlet and an ambiance to die for, Second Cup quickly became the first choice for coffee lovers in Karachi. Not only the coffee but other selection of beverages and snacks were just the perfect way to chat with peers and munch along. The aroma of their special coffee beans engulfed the entire place and you’d get carried away as soon as you enter.

Second Cup uses 100% Arabica beans for their coffee, which are acquired from different regions and countries. Arabica coffee is widely used by many top-notch brands due to the taste as it gives a cleaner mouthfeel and is less bitter. It has an increased amount of natural sugars that help in retaining that sweet taste and combats bitterness. The method used by Second Cup is selective handpicking, which ensures that only the ripe coffee cherries are picked by hand. Selective picking is the most effective method for high-quality coffee.


The most selling beverages at Second Cup Karachi are Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Caramel Correto, White Mocha and Hazelnut Latte. Although they have an array of drinks in both cold and hot sections, but people prefer the latter more. However, I’ve had the chance to try both and they were equally flavorsome.

Why You Must Visit Second Cup

Well, I’ll be speaking purely out of experience here. I’ve been there a couple of times and my experience has been matchless. The reason why I say that is because their staff is extremely well-trained. When I visited for the first time, I was accompanied by a friend and we both headed downstairs, where we were seated. We weren’t aware that it was self-service but the staff was kind enough to take our order and served it right there. This is why I fell in love with the place.

Moreover, Second Cup Karachi has a very distinct and contrasting interior that is eye-catching yet pleasing to look at. The plush pink and turquoise seaters are not only appealing but also very comfortable. There’s an ample amount of light for you to take good pictures too. The best part is obviously their coffee, but apart from that, they also have board games. So, while you’re waiting for your order, you can indulge in board games to pass your time. Overall, my experience couldn’t have been better and every time I had been amazed by their customer service and heavenly beverages and snacks.

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