Self-quarantine violation in Delhi Colony, Karachi.

Importance of observing self-quarantine in the time of Coronavirus pandemic, Delhi colony in Karachi out on the street whilst the lockdown.

With the widespread of this extremely contagious disease, Coronavirus, it is extremely essential for all of us practicing self-quarantine. In the recently shared video of the Delhi Colony in Karachi, Pakistan, the day goes by as usual. The video was blood-boiling to see people are walking about doing their usual without marinating social distancing as if Coronavirus has not yet entered Pakistan.

The whole world is persistently urging everyone to stay indoors and observe quarantine during this global pandemic to eliminate this virus from the face of the Earth once and for all. People are out in the streets minding their own business as if everything has gone back to normal. This is, unfortunately, the reason why the Coronavirus positive cases have skyrocketed and the death toll due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is increasing regularly. Although luckily, Pakistan is still far behind a lot of countries, however, ignorance like this could be the reason why we keep topping up the chart of most infected cases by Coronavirus.

These are the times we work together and unify as a country to help all the frontline soldiers (doctors, medics, policemen, nurses, paramedic staff, rangers, etc) to eliminate the disease, Coronavirus. Here are people instead of helping to add more to the pandemic problem. Surprisingly, this is during the strict lockdown times and Karachi is under curfew restrictions. I urge the citizens to observe self-quarantine at all times and only leave their houses unless extremely necessary. The widespread of this disease is alarming and we need to take the increasingly fast number of Coronavirus positive cases into consideration.

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