Shaan Shahid Admires Ertugrul but Against PTV for Airing it

Shaan Shahid, the veteran actor of the Pakistani industry who has been quite vocal about his opinions, says he admires Ertugrul but against PTV for airing it.

The most loved TV of this year probably, Ertugrul, has been a big hit in Pakistan. This obsession with Ertugrul did not end there. It kept growing and engulfed the whole country with its magnificent show. However, there were a few people who did not want PTV to air some other countries show. Actors like Yasir Hussain, Shaan Shahid and many others showed their concern over it.

Recently, Shaan tweeted saying that he really enjoyed watching Ertugrul but on Netflix. This shows that he does admire the show but was against airing it on PTV, for obvious reasons which he later clarified as well. Shaan has been a heartthrob in his earlier acting years and he still is, however, in his golden years his work laid the basis of the Pakistani media industry.

Shaan Shahid’s tweet:

“Just finished watching it what a good effort. A classic masterpiece. Special thanks to the producers #mohmatbezdag #kemaltekden directors #akifozkan #metingunay #hakanarslan. The cast <3 and the technicians who all worked tirelessly to make this epic. Thankyou #Netflix”

He later clarified his tweet and mentioned why he was against it. He loved the show as Ertugrul is a work of art with an extensive storyline. However, PTV is a national channel and should be airing our own content, not of any foreign country. If any other private channel aired this show, then it would be accepted as many have done it in the past.

Shaan tweeted:

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