Tuvalu: Sinking Country You Might Not Have Heard Of

Global Warming has effected many different countries, but have you heard about Tuvalu, a country that is already sinking?

Located in the West-Central of the Pacific Ocean, Tuvalu, is an independent country. However, they follow the British Style, be it in their government or their Police. As the country is really small and has a population of around 11,200 people at max, the country doesn’t have an army or military of its own. The country although it has prisons and customs, as well as marine, to secure their land. The people of Tulavu don’t have freshwater, so all they have is what they collect from the rains. As Tulavu is an island, it is not more than 4.5 meters above sea level.

However, due to an increase in global warming, Tuvalu is sinking. They do not have enough resources to help themselves as the country mostly runs on the export of dried coconuts and remittances coming from people abroad. The people of the fourth-smallest nation are heard saying “Tulavu is sinking”. “The ‘spots’ are disappearing, the heat is unbearable now and the erosion is dramatic,” says Miss Tulavu, Tapua Pasuna. Global Warming has effected the country to its core. There might be a time soon when Tuvalu would disappear from the World Map.

The only way to help and save Tulavu is to help decrease global warming and to help repair the ozone layer. Only then, this almost undiscovered country might be able to survive and the people living there won’t have to move from their homeland to another country. If only, we help ourselves fight global warming.

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