Shehzad: Friendly Banter with Pietersen, Not Mocking

Shehzad and Pietersen's live chat on Insta went viral recently, and has since clarified that it was just a friendly banter and not mocking of one another.

Since Ahmad Shehzad and Kevin Pietersen’s live chat on Instagram went viral, it has somewhat become a relevant topic for others, many of whom agreed with Pietersen’s analysis of Shehzad’s play. However Ahmad Shehzad has since then clarified that it was just a friendly banter with Pietersen on Twitter:

This caught the eye of Kevin Pietersen, who also replied to Shehzad’s tweet, praising his charity work and that they had fun having a friendly banter:

Shehzad also replied to Pietersen, stating that jealousy was a disease and people who were discussing this were probably not happy themselves:

Shehzad’s Charity Work

On March 26, Ahmed Shehzad announced that he has opened the Direct Messages (DMs) on his Twitter so that he can reach them and supply food accordingly:

Below are just some of the tweets he has posted since then to raise awareness and ask people to help others:

It is time for all of us to unite and give to those who are not able to afford the lock downs, through donations such as Rizq. I strongly commend Shehzad’s efforts and wish him luck with his endeavors.


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