Should Schools Re-open In July 2020?

According to the Education Minister, Private School Association has been pressurizing them to re-open schools in July. Will this be a wise decision?

Educational Institutions have been shut down, since COVID-19 took over Pakistan. As kids are prone to such diseases, schools had to be temporarily closed in the first place. Slowly and gradually, in-school education switched to virtual education, which wasn’t much help for many people in Pakistan. Where people on one hand were facing issues with electricity, there, on the other hand, teachers weren’t quite co-operative. The lack of educational standards has also been quite evident in the last few months since everything is virtual. And the load on university students have led many into depression.

Now, the Private School Association has been pressurizing the Educational Minister to re-open schools. According to them, schools should be open by the 2nd of July, 2020. “We are facing heavy pressure from the private schools’ management to re-open schools but the health of our children is our priority,” the education minister told the House, adding that any decision would be taken after thorough consideration.


Opening schools right now would be no less than a deadly stunt by the government. Already, the number of cases is about to touch 200,000 in Pakistan. The number of kids being infected would increase, hence further increasing the number of cases. Also, Eid-ul-Azha is around the corner, and ‘Mandi’ has already been set up. The risk factor is way too high, and there are chances of a spike in the number of cases, once again.

Hence, the decision to open schools might not be quite sensible at the moment. There is a strict need of placing a curfew right after Eid-ul-Azha, for at least a month. That would be a better time to open up schools all over Pakistan. But it should only happen once COVID-19 is eradicated from Pakistan, completely.

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