Stroke Recovery Injection Being Used In Peshawar Preserved Several Lives

Cell plasminogen activator shot is requested by LRH and HMC for the Sehat Card Plus programme. It helps recover stroke patients.

Over 30 stroke victims have recovered thanks to the new injection, which is being given to patients at Peshawar’s Hayatabad Medical Complex and Lady Reading Hospital.

To guarantee that patients receive prompt care, both healthcare teaching institutes have asked the government to pay for new therapies through the Sehat Card Plus programme.

In order to give patients access to the new injectable for free, Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) bought it two months ago and also accepted the money. The innovative medical method for treating stroke victims for free was also launched by Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC).

According to Dr Asadullah Khan Addozai, an assistant professor in the neurology department of Lady Reading Hospital, the treatment saved patients’ lives and shielded them from stroke-related disabilities.

He claimed that stroke victims arrived at hospitals in wheelchairs and on stretchers yet recovered sufficiently to return home unaided. The most incapacitating sickness in the world, according to him, a stroke is the abrupt development of weakness in the face or limbs.

When not treated quickly, it results in deaths and impairments, leaving patients bedridden. It all relies on how quickly a patient is transported to the facility and given the imported German shot, the doctor added.

In January of this year, Dr Asadullah, who entered LRH a year ago, began giving the injections to clients. According to him, a patient’s ability to recover from treatment depends on both their rapid admission and timely care.

“Currently our cure rate is 100 per cent better than 94 per cent globally. We are also imparting skills to our trainee doctors,” the doctor said.  As the dose is estimated at 0.9 mg per kilogramme and one vial of injection costs Rs 80,000, many patients may require two vials, doubling the expense.

Dr Asadullah stated, “We are requesting the government to include the injections in the Sehat Card Plus programme so all the patients could get it.”

There isn’t another public hospital in the region where patients can receive the shot. Patients are receiving treatment at Shifa International Hospital in Islamabad and the Aga Khan University Hospital in Karachi.

He explained, “We inject 10% immediately into the vein and drip the remaining 90% over the course of an hour. He described how a CT scan of the patient’s brain was done before the injection for the purpose of ruling out bleeding.

“The hospital has purchased the injection but patients have to buy it from their own pockets when stock exhausts. There are 20 vials, we have received in donation,” the neurologist remarked.

According to him, depending on their illnesses, patients were discharged from the hospital on normal approximately five days. According to him, LRH had a 14-bed neurological ward in which the majority of patients received free care through Sehat Card Plus.

Dr Faisal Shehzad, the director of the HMC, told Dawn that they provided the shot without charge to underprivileged patients and split the cost with those who could pay.

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