Let’s see if you manage to notice something different about the sky tonight.

Well, in case you don’t just know yet, it’s the moon which for the first time in the last 150 years to go Super, Blood as well as Blue – all three at the same time, as the occurrence of one of the three at a time is not so rare. The moon of this Wednesday night however would traverse the stars in a rare combination of three different lunar events!

And what exactly is it must you ask? A sign of the upcoming apocalypse? Let’s hope not. We’ve put together a resourceful brief breakdown of the different elements of tonight’s lunar spectacle:

Supermoon: Emerges when the moon is full and also in its closest orbit to Earth, known as being at perigee – a fancy science word we didn’t know didn’t know of until now.

Blue Moon: Two full moons in one calendar month denotes to this.

Blood Moon: Not as gruesome as it sounds, it occurs when the Earth moves between the sun and the moon, called a full lunar eclipse. The moon then illuminates due to dispersed light from the Earth’s atmosphere, rendering our closest cosmic neighbour a distinct red shade.

So while the above cosmic events are not as rare on their own, with each happening every few years, together however these astronomical wonders falling on the same night is quite a biggie! Oh and… it is absolutely safe to watch and admire in all its glory  🙂