The 3 faces, a Japanese Proverb theory.

The 3 face Japanese proverb theory is the unfortunate truth about our world. Sadly, being truly yourself doesn't get you any brownie points.

The 3 face theory, is a Japanese Proverb theory. They say we, humans, have 3 faces each presented to a different category of people. The first face is the face we show to the world, diplomatic and perfect. The second face is the one we show to our family and friends, semi-real but not the truest. Lastly, the third face is the one we hide from everyone, we never show this to anyone and that is the truest reflection of who we are actually. 

The word “face” symbolizes personality in the 3 faces theory. We all do have different faces for everyone, I for one believe we can’t truly be ourselves and have constantly (unfortunately) wear a mask at all times to deceive the world so we can get places. We can not be bluntly honest or share the actual thoughts that run in our minds, as the fear of being judged is persistently there haunting us at all times. The heavily overused phrase “Log kya kaheingay (what will the people say?) ” is continuously mocked by everyone, however we sadly think that too. For bold and gutsy people like Qandeel Balouch gets murdered in the name of honor killing, solely because she was herself truly. It takes a lot of courage to present a third of the 3 faces to the world.

The Japanese proverb, of the 3 faces, proves that neither in today’s world nor earlier we could openly show our true selves to everyone. We, humans, are constantly running this rat race to come first, to win and excel, to become somebody everyone looks up to. But the real question is will anyone ever look up to you if you open up about your deepest insecurities? Will, you still get the fame and encouragement for being yourself truly? The world is filled with advertisements, speeches, posters and people constantly urging us all to be true selves but sadly no one will accept the actual reality of the fact that no one is truly themselves because being slightly fake and diplomatic gets you places. Sugarcoating things makes you come across as an approachable amiable human being and the fact that being likable boosts your self-confidence. The 3 faces can not always be shown to the world, at least not all of the 3 faces.

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