The Indus Hospital Celebrates Pinktober

October marks the official month for breast cancer awareness; The Indus Hospital illuminates its buildings pink in solidarity with breast cancer patients.

October is officially known as the official month for breast cancer awareness, due to which it is called ‘Pinktober.’ The Indus Hospital stands in solidarity with breast cancer survivors and celebrates Pinktober by turning their building pink.

Breast cancer affects approximately 2.1 million women worldwide every year. In Asia, Pakistan has the highest rate of breast cancer, mentioned in a statement issued by The Indus Hospital on Wednesday.

One in nine women in Pakistan experience breast cancer at some stage of their lives. Every October, people come together to raise awareness of the disease and appreciate breast cancer patients.

The Indus Health Network illuminated The Indus Hospital’s Korangi campus, Sheikh Saeed Memorial Campus, and Al-Fakir Trust Campus buildings pink to show their support for breast cancer patients. The illumination was an attempt to draw attention to the cause and raise awareness of its severity.

Moreover, The Indus Hospital also arranged several drives as a part of their breast cancer awareness campaign. During these awareness drives, they distributed pink ribbons amongst the visitors, patients, and staff. According to Dr. Nuzhat Irfan Malik, consultant radiologist at The Indus Hospital, to combat breast cancer and survival, early detection and screening were highly necessary.

“Early diagnosis helps in providing timely access to cancer treatment and improves access to effective diagnosis services. Screening consists of testing women to identify cancers before any symptoms appear.”

The Indus Hospital offers diagnostic and surgical services to breast cancer patients since 2007 and is currently in the works of launching a breast cancer clinic. According to the statistics- since 2007, 1,497 patients have visited the hospital for a consultation. Out of which 777 of them were diagnosed with breast cancer. Along with 507 biopsies and 652 mastectomies have been done.

The Indus Hospital had initially started by a bunch of doctors, philanthropists, and businessmen. It began in 2007 by providing the people with quality and free healthcare to all in a 150-bed hospital in Karachi.

As time progressed, The Indus Hospital has now evolved into the Indus Health Network. The Indus Health Network is currently managing twelve hospitals all over Pakistan. Furthermore, with the Global Health Directorate as the public health arm of the network- the network runs public health programs across the country to control TB, malaria, HIV, hepatitis, and AIDS. The Network’s Research Centre also further makes targeted efforts towards improving the health conditions in underprivileged communities and low-income households.

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