The Most Effective Beard Oil in Pakistan

Although, there are quite many beard oil brands in Pakistan, but the pioneers, SAC, has kept their game strong to date. S-Amden Group of Companies (SAC) still remains on the top in terms of beard oils.

Beard is something really special for men. Not that it might matter much to people, but those with beard and with a wish to have one try their best to have the best of it. But usually, there are different barriers that people come across, and not everyone has a perfect beard. Few people have patchy beard, few don’t have even a patchy one but a disoriented kind of beard, which people keep just for the sake of it. There have been many myths regarding beard growth, such as rubbing hands on the face after having food or shaving daily, but they are of no use at all.

What beard depends upon is the hormones and the genetic structure of any particular man. As to cover those gaps, different companies have come up with different beard oils to facilitate people. Companies lie Daari Mooch, J. & Wabees, have come into this field recently, but S-Amden Group of Companies (SAC) still remains on the top in terms of beard oils. Their quality is comparatively better and the results are much more evident than other companies. Their products are also available at comparatively lower prices than other available companies.

But if we go in a detailed comparison here, we can see that SAC’s series still tops other brands. For example, they have much more variety than other brands. Where other brands only look forward towards beard growth, here SAC provides a complete package. Be it skin lotion, be it Beard Oil, growth oil, softening oil, they’ve got it all covered.

And not only this, but SAC has got a range of products. Not only do they have oils, but SAC provides beard soaps & shampoos to keep the beard game strong. They have also got a separate oil to make your mustache better and shinier! What more does one need?

My Review:

I have personally used the product and have found it quite appealing. The smell isn’t cringy, like in other products, and the oil isn’t that oily. Like, it doesn’t stick to the hands or the face, and even doesn’t create irritation. Rather, it keeps the beard shiny and helps hair growth, in a short period of time.

However, what counts is that how effective their products are. Personally, it also depends upon the skin compatibility, and that’s what makes SAC stand out. Their products are compatible with every other skin, without any side-effects or so.

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Do let us know in the comments if you have tried their products, and how effective they have been for you!

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